Trough chain conveyors are conveyor systems suitable for the conveyance of bulk goods. In a closed trough a conveyor chain with flights transports the material to be conveyed. Each SMD trough chain conveyor is designed individually. In doing so the production of a reliable, easy-to-maintain constructed plant with a long operational life is our goal. This is realized by the usage of appropriate materials and material combinations and an optimal layout of the line. The layout of the line can be horizontally, vertically or ascending. The trough chain conveyor consists of the construction units drive station and tensioning station, a trough section and a conveyor chain with flights intermin-ably rotating within the trough section.

Our drive- and tensioning stations are constructed easy to maintain. The housing of our drive station is designed devisible. This facilitates the replacement of the chain wheels during inspection. Likewise the complete shaft including chain wheels and bearings can be removed from the housing of the tensioning station. The individual plates of the SMD chain wheels are devisible. This minimizes the assembly effort and reduces the idleness of the plant.

For easy access during inspections and revisions all station covers are equipped with safeguarded quick-locking mechanisms. By using exterior pedestrial bearings we reliably prevent the intrusion of conveyed materials into the bearing location. Monitoring devices such as speed monitors and chain break- and chain tension surveillance are also comprised in our scope of supply. Due to the closed construction of the trough no materials conveyed can escape into the environement.

For easy access during inspections and revisions all trough covers can be taken off. In order to prevent extreme abrasion on the trough bottom a wear-resistent metal sheet coating can be installed optionally. Possibly installed guide wear rails ? are screw-fastened to ensure a fast exchange. User-defined material discharge points are possible anywhere along the trough section and can be shut by the SMD slide gate.

The SMD trough chain conveyor can be supplied in a dustproof, pressure-tight version. The SMD trough chain conveyors are constructed as one-strand or two-strand conveyors with forged fork link chains. The SMD trough chain conveyor can be used multi-functionally. Wheel flakes, wet and dry sludge, tree bark, wood chips, slag, ash, fluff or wood left-overs can be reliably conveyed in different grain sizes.

What other materials can be conveyed by the trough chain conveyor? Feel free to ask us.

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