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The SMD belt conveyor is used where long distances have to be bypassed and huge quantities have to be transported. The SMD belt conveyor stands for high operational safety and has successfully proven itself in regard to the transport of miscellaneous bulk materials. Due to low energy demand it works extremely productive and environment-friendly.

SMD belt conveyor basically consists of the main construction units drive station, deflection- and material dump zone, the material charge, a conveying belt and a support construction with back-to-back roll stations on the way of transport. The drive pulley and the deflection drum are most of the time rubberized. In most cases the belt tension is generated by spindles at the deflection point. By appropriate cleaning systems the material – conveying upper belt and the lower belt are reliably cleaned.

The SMD belt conveyor will be delivered with a speed monitor, an off-track monitor and an emergency – shut-off via pull cord as monitoring devices. Depending on the individual transport situation the SMD belt conveyor is designed for the horizontal, ascending or descending conveyance of goods. Our belt conveyor is a very sturdy and reliable transport system.

Depending on the bulk material we use textile-, plastic- or belts with tissue or rather steel core and rubber- or plastic covers.

What other materials can be conveyed by the SMD belt conveyor? Feel free to ask us.

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